At 16 Dental White International, we provide full dental serivces by specialists, clean and modern equipments.


Orthodontic treatment can improve your dental health and change your facial appearance for the better, and it can boost your self-esteem by improving the way you look.


With the latest technology, laser tooth whitening is now available whereby anyone is able to go beyond your natural tooth-color.


Restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape.


Removal of tartar (calculus), plaque and biofilm from the tooth surface and underneath the gum line.

Tooth Extraction

Rremoval of teeth from the dental alveolus (socket) in the alveolar bone

Dental Crown

A tooth-shaped (cap/crown) that is placed over a tooth to cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance.

Impacted Tooth Removal

Removal of a tooth that it is stuck and cannot erupt into function.


A bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap.


A post-like a tooth root that is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line that allows your dentist to mount replacement teeth or a bridge into that area.


A new techniques allow us to offer you very safe, painless, one session root canal treatment with reliable and durable results.


Treatments of disease and decay that caused by bacterial plaque to gums.


Preventative treatments, Preventing long term problems and Repairing damaged teeth.